Responsible Play

Responsible Play

What is MyMaster11?

MyMaster11 is one of the leading online fantasy sport game to play online cricket leagues. Users can make their own team according to their sports knowledge and win cash.

How do I sign up?

The users can sign up on MyMaster11 by filling a short registration form available on the homepage of MyMaster11 website. However, the users can also signup directly by using their Facebook or Google+ account.

Why can’t I log in to my account?

The users may encounter signup problems due to various reasons. The primary reasons due to which the user might not be able to signup can include the user might be entering incorrect email address or password. In case the user has forgotten his/her password, there’s a Forgot Password link available below the login option. By clicking on the Forgot Password link, the user will be taken to a new webpage, wherein the user can reset his/her password by entering his/her registered mobile number and MyMaster11 will send an OTP. The user can enter the OTP sent by MyMaster11 to reset his/her password.

Can I have multiple accounts on MyMaster11?

No. A user is allowed to have only one account under its name with valid supporting documents on MyMaster11. Please refer Fair Play policy for further details.

Can I update/edit my information?

The users can easily update/edit their information by logging into their MyMaster11 accounts using their registered email address and password. After logging into their MyMaster11 account the users can edit/update their information by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ on the top right of the page. The users will be able to edit their basic information including date of birth, profile name and address but the users won’t be allowed to change their email address, mobile number or team name once registered with MyMaster11.

I did not get any confirmation email after I signed up.

In case you haven’t received any confirmation email from MyMaster11 after registering with MyMaster11 there could be 2 reasons:

The mail sent by MyMaster11 might have been marked as “Spam” and could have been sent to the spams folder of your mailbox. In such case, please check the spam folder of your mailbox and mark MyMaster11 as ‘Not Spam,’ additionally add MyMaster11 to your contacts in order to avoid any future inconvenience.

The user might have mistyped his/her email address while registering with MyMaster11. In such case, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

I don’t know much about cricket – can I still play?

The online fantasy cricket gaming services offered by MyMaster11 are for everyone including those who don’t know much about cricket. So, yes, you can play even if you don’t know much about cricket. In addition, the “How to play” section of MyMaster11 website can assist you in playing the game by briefing you about the playing tactics.